Albert Ross Hay: I Dreamt a Cardboard Rocket Poem

I dreamt a cardboard rocket ...

a poem by Albert Ross Hay

I dreamt a cardboard rocket
went flying through the sky;
it did so very quickly
and it certainly went high!

I dreamt it left the Earth behind
as it crossed the Milky Way,
it's crew sought out adventures
and new friends with whom to play.

I dreamt the engines roared like thunder;
its hull glowed bright with lights.
Its portholes were filled with faces
all keen to see the sights.

I dreamt we saw a planet
come racing into view.
Each space-kid knew their duty,
knew exactly what to do.

I dreamt that we descended
through atmosphere and cloud.
I held my breath, I closed my eyes;
touchdown was really, really loud!

I dreamt the hatch was opened
and we stepped into the unknown;
but this garden seemed familiar
I'd landed back at home!

I awoke from my adventure,
got dressed and went downstairs.
Walked past my cardboard rocket
waiting to take me off somewhere...