Ana Ulea

If I Could Fly!

a short story by Ana Ulea – Year 5

If I could fly, I would go to a place that I always dreamt of going to: Paris. I would go to Paris and sit on top of the Eiffel Tower and look at the marvellous view. I would also go to Hawaii which is another place I dream of going to. It's a hot place and a beautiful place to relax on the beach. I would soar through the clouds and listen to the birds chirping.

I would sit on the clouds and have a yummy smoothie and read in silence. The best thing is going to USA and visit my favourite YouTubers. I would give all my friends free sweets and let them enjoy them.

I would also go to Australia and jump on top of a kangaroo and ride it whilst carrying the baby kangaroo.

I would take my friends to the North Pole and meet the polar bears but most importantly, a snow ball fight first!!!

I would fly to the zoo and play with seals and elephants. Hopefully they won't bite!