Charlotte Cousins

If I Could Fly!

a short story by Charlotte Cousins - Year 5

If I could fly, I would fly over the clouds and dive through them and fly into the ocean. I'd look around after coming to the surface. There's a dim rain pouring from the sky and the darkest clouds I have ever seen.

The ocean's waves were out of control and were crashing against rocks ahead, forcing me under water. My heart beat fast, I needed to find another way. I soared to the sky with a turbo boost and flew above the clouds. I believed I fell down to a bright and colourful world of dreams and a calm ocean. Rocks stopped crumbling to pieces and my smile brightened up the world.

I would fly over the whole ocean, scattering my hand through it, rippling the wonders and mysteries undiscovered. I felt free and saw birds in flocks, gazing at me with a bright smile in their eyes. One person can change EVERYTHING! Clouds were fluffy through my window and I imagine it was all a dream, but now I know the magic of freedom.