Children of Dweezils Pre School: I Dreamt a Cardboard Rocket Poem

I dreamt a cardboard rocket ...

a poem by Children of Dweezils Pre-school

Winning Entry

I dreamt a cardboard rocket that shot me up to space
I found myself in a most strange but wonderfull place

There were cardboard castles and cardboard trees
with cardboard bark and cardboard leaves.

The cardbaoad castle was the most beautiful I'd seen
and there inside lived a cardboard Queen.

She ruled her kingdom with love and with kindness
her loyal subjects called her 'Your highness'

She welcomed me in with lunch and some tea
and a cardboard table and chair for me.

She gave me a present all tied with a bow
I thanked her politley and said its time to go.

I got back in my rocket and flew back to my land
with lots of ideas the queen helped me plan.

I'm glad that I met her, she was from heaven sent
to help our planet and its environment.