Diana Baker: I Dreamt a Cardboard Rocket Poem

I dreamt a cardboard rocket ...

a poem by Diana Baker

Winning Entry

I dreamt a cardboard rocket had landed by my bed,
I quickly grabbed my crayons and I coloured it in red.
Then I jumped aboard my rocket and went zooming round the sky,
I zoomed past Father Christmas who was eating a mince pie.
He wasnt in his sleigh because he had a cardboard rocket too,
He had filled it up with presents and had coloured it in blue.
" I always go by cardboard rocket its much faster than my sleigh"
"Will you zoom around the world with me? I can lead the way."
"Yes please" I said to Santa and we whizzed off fast as light
We sped around the world delivering presents all night.
The reindeer zoomed along beside us in rockets flying high
each brightly coloured rocket like a rainbow in the sky.
"merry christmas" called out Santa "it's time for us to go",
Then he turned and waved and then he zoomed off through the snow.
When I woke next morning I lifted up my head,
and saw a cardboard rocket had landed by my bed.