Geok Bheng Pay: I Dreamt a Cardboard Rocket Poem

I dreamt a cardboard rocket ...

a short story by Geok Bheng Pay

I dreamt a cardboard rocket was blasting off, and as quick as a flash, it shot into the sky. It soared through space, swerving between asteroids and comets. Suddenly a meteorite crashed into the side of the ship, pushing it towards a huge blue planet. 'Ahhhh, we're going to crash!', Jensen, the pilot, shouted, 'Everybody hold on tight!'. The rocket was out of control and smashed into the depths of the icy ocean, water started to gush through the broken windows and doors. The pilot quickly gave everyone an emergency jet pack, and opened the emergeny hatch.

Once everyone was safely on land, Jensen made a search party to find shelter and food. Minutes later, the team returned, gasping for breath. 'Sir, get everybody out of here!' said Jack. 'What's going on?' replied Jensen. 'What did you find? 'There was a horrible growl, and then a terrifying shadow appeared!' exclaimed Jack. Thumping footsteps echoed in the distance. STOMP. STOMP. STOMP. A roar thundered through the air as it's menacing eyes pierced through the tree. Suddenly a shadowy monster strode out of the wood, 'Run!' Jensen shouted, but Jensen did not move. He grabbed the torch from his belt and he shone it on the monster turned to smoke. Everyone breathed the sigh of relief. But Jensen knew it wasn't over, he could see the wisps of smoke reforming in a distance. And he wondered to himself if they would be able to repair their ship before the shadow struck again.