If I Could Fly!

a short story by Lily - St Mary's Primary School

May couldn`t believe it. She had a week to plan and write her story for the school competition. To show to her parents that she was worthy to be loved by them, May had to win the card board aeroplane. At school, in English lesson, the teacher, Miss Cross said that everyone had to take part. After her lesson, everyone would start to boasting about what they`re going to do. The story was called - "If I could Fly."

The next day, May came in with notes for her story. She was told to imagine her story line.

"Imagine what it would be like to fly!" Went on Miss Cross. May couldn`t remember what happened next.

May found herself in a world of white, blue and green. People were flying all around her. There was no sound. The people couldn`t communicate. Then the thought came back. If I could fly, I would fly anywhere I wanted. Far away from where no one cared for her. She would fly to the moon and back. Do whatever she wanted!

May was scared of flying. What if she didn`t know how to control it. She could fly into a jet, fly backwards onto the ground. She could do great damage to herself. She would be rushed to hospital!

Back at school, everything was strange. She must have fallen asleep. Everyone was staring at her. Why? The classroom was lower…or was she taller. What had happened? When she looked at the floor, her feet weren`t able to touch it. Then it hit her mind. She was flying!