Michelle Corbett: I Dreamt a Cardboard Rocket Poem

I dreamt a cardboard rocket ...

a poem by Michelle Corbett, Childminder

I dreamt a cardboard rocket, was flying fast through space.
My heart well it was pounding, my pulse began to race,
My little dog was with me, scruffy is his name, i thought well a trip without him just wouldnt be the same.

We flew straight through a black hole, and through a vortex too, we saw green men on pluto sitting on a loo.
The stars were made of ice chips, and the moon was made of cream and all the while i was thinking, well this is a silly dream.
I shouted out to Scruffy "look at all the curly whirly clouds", my voice it really echoed and sounded really loud.
How we laughted and shouted when we flew through golden rain, scruffy and i were soaking, thank god it didnt stain.

I thought our hearts would stop when we saw those colours dance, and suddenly i realised a pot of gold could be our chance,
our chance to fly forever, and feel so light and free, visiting different planets,over mountains and the sea.
Suddenly a voice was calling, from ever so far away, beautiful calming tones, loving in every way.
I slowly woke to see the most amazing sight of all, a face unlike no other, the face of my beautiful mother.

I dreamt a cardboard rocket whisked scruffy and i away, but id prefer one downstairs i would play in it all day.