Tracey Gunaratam: I Dreamt a Cardboard Rocket Poem

I dreamt a cardboard rocket ...

a poem by Tracy Gunaratnam

Winning Entry

I dreamt a Cardboard Rocket, was in a Rocket Race
and I was the Captain, who would fly it into space

I checked my rocket boosters and I checked my engines too
I made my rocket beautiful with glitter, paint and glue

Some pilots were quite jealous they sniggered and they sneered
"you'll never win the rocket race, your rocket is too weird."

I knew my Cardboard Rocket would show them how it's done
And even if we didn't win we sure would have some fun

The rockets blasted into space . Apollo took the lead
But then she started trailing smoke, and quickly losing speed

The Captain was in need of help, I towed him to the moon
We shared a slice of moon pie and sang a cheery tune

The Captain said, "I can't go home I think I've blown a gasket!"
I replied, "yes you can! Use this sticky back plastic."

We jumped into our rockets and headed straight for home.
When we reached the finish line, we found we weren't alone.

The crowd were cheering wildly! They cried, "we have two winners"
We won a Cardboard Castle and a years supply of dinners

Space travel is something we should never be afraid of
I had a super-duper time. And that's what dreams are made of.