Wilber Grant

If I Could Fly!

a short story by Wilber Grant - Year 1

If I could fly, I would go to a desert and swoop around all the cactuses then I would fly up the mountains. Then I would fly to Antarctica and talk to some penguins. After I met the penguins, I would zoom to the North Pole and ride a polar bear in the polar bear race. I came in first place and won an ice lolly.

To warm up, I headed straight to the jungle. In the jungle, a snake tried to eat me so told him there was a Gruffalo. So the snake slid and hid.

Next, I flew off to a swamp and met a hungry crocodile. He tried to eat me with his big teeth so I held his mouth open with a stick and quickly flew off before he chomped the stick.

Next I flew all the way to a rainforest. At the bottom, it was very dry because of the leaves. Then I went really high to meet the monkeys. I got really wet! It was raining at the top of the trees.

After all that hard work I had to go home for my tea. Can you guess what I are for tea?