If I Could Fly!

a short story by William - St Mary's Primary School

Since I was very little, I`ve always wanted to fly. Whether in a plane or spreading my wings, it`s always been my dream.

Every Sunday I`ll count out my pocket money and say to myself, "98p, 99p, £5, just enough." Then I`d get on my bike and race to the corner shop, hoping they hadn`t sold out of the latest Airfix model plane.

When I get home I`d carefully assemble the pieces. Then, when it was ready I`d pretend it was a war plane; diving and avoiding enemy fire.

If I`m lucky my dad and I would go to the war museum. He`d tell me all about the Spitfires in the war; a bit like a history lesson but it didn`t feel that way.

Sometimes he`d tell me all about my grandpa and how he fought for our freedom in World War 2. That night when I lay in bed I`d say out loud to myself, "If only I could fly."