Barnes Summer Play School: I Dreamt a Cardboard Rocket Poem

I dreamt a cardboard rocket ...

a short story by Yvonne, Barnes Summer Play School

In the middle of last night I was awakened by a giant pink cardboard rocket coming through the window from outside and even though I didn’t feel frightened, and I couldn’t see anyone inside it, I felt happy about getting inside. The rocket headed towards my cousin Emski’s house, it wobbled and then turned upside down, wiggled around a little, bumped a little, and without a moment to spare took us to the biggest toy shop in the sky! When we got there the smiley man at the door said "Hello Nickski, Hello Emski, we have been expecting you!" (our names are really Emma and Nick, but my great aunt Rosie likes to put ‘ski’ on the end of everyone’s name and so that’s what we are known as - a bit annoying really!). The man at the door was big and strong and had a black hat on his head with the words ‘Roy of Sky Toy Shop’ emblazoned across the front and so I knew he was a real toy shop door man, but what I didn’t realise at the time is that Emski and I were really truly expected there as everyone in the shop knew our names! All the people who worked there had big black hats on their heads with their names across them too. They lady called Silver Fluff sprayed silver shiny stuff on our heads and said this would get us around faster so that the rocket could take us home quickly before our mummies and daddies woke up, so we took the giant trolley that she gave us and we whizzed around the shop like there was no tomorrow! Silver Fluff said that we could take whatever we wanted - whatever we wanted!

It was hard choosing because we already had many toys and lots of Lego, and lots of books to read, lots of paint and paper, and our mums always took it in turns to make new play dough for us each time the last batch got all sticky and difficult. But we had the best idea in the whole wide world and that was to choose things for all the children who didn’t have many presents under their Christmas tree (my teacher told us about all the children who live in countries where there has been a war) and also for the children in Great Ormond Street hospital (we saw that on the telly!), and so we just grabbed everything in sight and stuffed the giant trolley full of amazing things. When we got the end of the shop there was a lady called Golden of Giveaway Glitter Socks and she made us take of our bedroom slippers and put on these funny socks that had all different colour glitter on them which was stuck to them too! And we did what she asked us and straight away after putting the socks on, we flew into the air and flew around the room like Tinkerbelle. We were laughing so much that we lost our balance and landed inside a bouncy castle that was just perfect for any landing! Then a big loud bell rang out to the tune of ‘Oranges and Lemons’ which everyone in the shop sang at the top of their voices - we sang too! But then we heard the Rocket revving up its engines and knew we probably had to go. Our time was up and Roy came back inside and picked us both up and folded us under each arm and took us back to the Rocket, Silver Fluff and Golden came flurrying behind lugging the giant trolley and poured everything into the Rocket. I yawned and so did Emski, as you can imagine, this was a very tiring adventure and we both fell asleep the moment we got back into the Rocket...

In the morning I woke up and called for Emski who was nowhere to be seen, and my mother came into the room asking me why I was calling Emski’s name? I didn’t really know what to say as I couldn’t see her, or all the toys, or the Rocket, and my window was shut closed tight and my curtains were how my mother had left them before I went to sleep last night, and my bedroom slippers were at the bottom of my bed, and in fact I started to think that I dreamt a cardboard rocket came in the middle of the night and picked me up and then got Emski, I was very confused, when all of a sudden I spotted glitter on my feet and silver fluff on my hair. I was relieved to know that it was not a dream and was all true. My mother saw it too and said "Nicksi, you still have all the fluff and glitter on you from your last day at school, let’s get that washed off you right now!" "But mum" I said about to reveal all, and she very hurriedly said "NO BUTS" and I was quickly hurried into the bath.

My night in the big pink cardboard rocket was the best night of my life, whatever anyone else thinks!