Angela Chorostowski: If I had a castle, Poem about a Kid-Eco cardboard castle playhouse
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If I had a castle ...

a poem by Anna Chorostowski

If i had a castle,
i'd dream one thousand dreams,
i'd sail across the ocean,
the rivers and the streams.

If i had a castle,
i'd build a chocolate wall,
i'd make a sugar clock,
and strawberries in the hall.

if i had a castle,
i'd smile and laugh and play,
i'd search right through the dungeons,
and let the moonlight lead the way.

if i had a castle,
i'd share it with the king,
id be his loving queen ,
and we'd live on the right wing.

if i had a castle,
a princess i could be,
i'd have a huge fantastic bed,
like the princess and the pea.

if i had a castle,
i'd be the winning girl,
and this competition,
would definatly be worth a whirl.