Carol McBain: If i had a castle, poem about a playhouse cardboard castle by Kid-Eco cardboard toys

If I had a castle ...

a poem by Carol McBain

If I had a castle,
constructed strong and true
all my friends would come and say
" we want to live with you".

If I had a castle,
we'd all be safe and warm.
with loads of nice and comfy things
to keep us safe from harm.

If I had a castle,
just like knights of old we could act
all brave and tough, very big and bold.
no dragons breath could reach us,
well that's what I've been told.

If I had a castle,
with turrets tall and wide
my friends and I would laugh and smile
because we'd be there inside.

If I had a castle,
our happy home would ring
with bells and songs and happiness
and that is the best thing.........