Lauren Mcginlay: If i had a castle, poem about a Playhouse cardboard castle by Kid-Eco cardboard toys

If I had a castle ...

a poem by Lauren McGinlay

If I had a castle my name would be well known,
Sitting in the main hall, comfy on my thrown.
I'd have the tallest towers, that could be seen throughout the land,
My knights that fight great battles, but only on my command.

My bailey would be the finest, the strongest of them all,
The turrets built by the most skilful men, defending any brawl.
My sturdy big drawbridge with capital design,
Had the palace people rejoicing with their 1800's wine.

Many would fear the dungeon, slimy, cold and dark,
Was there possibly a dragon? One could only hark.
Then finally my moat, a bottomless ditch,
To have this amazing castle, I'd certainly have to be rich,
Or to win KID-ECO'S competition, with my creative pitch.