Megan Dade: If I had a castle, poem about a Kid-Eco castle

If I had a castle ...

a poem by Megan Dade

Winning Entry

If I had a castle, I would fill it to the brim,
With characters from stories, like Jack,
from the beanstalk, or even Jim.
The big,bad wolf cooking in the kitchen with Red Riding Hood,
And Winnie the Pooh eating honey with Tigger from One Hundred Acre wood.

Snow White and the seven dwarves cleaning from bottom to top,
Peter Pan soaring above the turrets, he doesn't want to stop!
Captain Hook lurking in the moat waiting for his chance,
Whose that in the ballroom, hoping for a dance?
Cinderella in her ballgown, shimmering in red,
A princess on a pea tossing unhappily in a four poster bed.

Sleeping Beauty in her tower, awaking from her doze,
The poor beast in the garden watching petals dropping from a rose
Peter Rabbit munching happily in the vegetable plot,
OH NO! The Gruffalo, look at those purple prickles, what a lot!
This is my fantasy castle, what an amazing place!
So wish I could invite more characters, but I just don't have the space!!!!