Sarah North: If i had a castle, poem about a Kid-eco cardboard castle
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If I had a castle ...

a poem by Sarah North

Winning Entry

If I had a castle...the one in my dreams.
The one at the top of the stalk of beans.
It holds the potential for wondrous play,
and adventures with my friends every day!

I'd be a knight who could save a fair maid,
or a dragon of fire who would never get slayed.
I could be a princess with hair long and unruly.
Or an Ogre who guards treasures sparkly and jewellery!

I could be an Old Witch who casts spells in the dark,
or a Lord who lives elegantly in a Posh Park.
I could be King Henry, or a ghost - one of several Queens,
here in my Castle atop my stalk of beans!