Tricia Pritchard: If i had a castle, poem about a cardboard Kid-Eco playhouse castle

If I had a castle ...

a poem by Tricia Pritchard

If I had a castle to share
I'd take it to school with me,
The girls and boys would leave their toys
and gather round to see,

We'd get out paints and pens
and glue and pretty decorations,
We'd cut and stick and paint
and draw to make it an sensation,

Our castle would be so handsome
and loved by everyone,
We'd spend our days in fantasy play
having lots of fun!

Poem 2

If I had a castle I'd fill it with love
and chocolate and sweeties and toys,
They'd be one room for Mummy and one room for Daddy
and one for girls and one for boys,

I'd spend all my days with my family and friends
having the greatest of fun,
Nothing's quite as it seems in my castle of dreams,
come and play with me everyone